Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Homework Week 4

Awesome progress everyone, here's a quick list for whats expected by next week

Albert - Take your princess into color now. You can always touch up the sketches later, but I feel you are in a good place with your sketch.

Susie - Start working on that final caterpillar, and have fun with it! I think you have a good idea of where you want to take it. If you have time start researching a new character too.

Steven - Work on that alien, use reference and think about the lighting as you paint. Try exploring silhouettes and sketches as well to play with the aliens anatomy and not just its details

Solin - Nice progress on your second character, try finishing up the painting on your first and get as far as you can with your second, i think both of them have good exploration though.

Ryan - Finish up that knight, use reference and of course think about how armor is put together and layered, and also the lighting is important. Also if you have time, research your next character

Kevin - Start sketching for a character, explore thumbnails\sketches and come up with a final character as well (doesnt need to be fully rendered)

Bayson - Start gathering reference material for a character and try exploring thumbnails and sketches

Matt - Keep working on your values, maybe explore thumbnails and sketches for a specific character so we can go through the process of concepting to finalizing.

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