Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ryan (character update)

Hey Jason, so Lim told me finish up the color on these two characters. Theyre still pretty rough but I'd love some feedback
jeff helped me out on this guy. kind of going for a fire/lava/elemental. bronze for metal plating
(think like this guy)
(never knew he had legs..)

its the 3rd one that im working on. i dont know about the cape (seems silly). skin tones i know needs work but its still pretty rough
charles, wanted me to do some costume variations on this dude so i did


  1. Hey Ryan, I like the direction you are going with the colors, very earthy. So far everything seems very rough, finish up the polish on all these characters, even the costume variations can be tighter.

    Also, one thing to keep in mind is that as important as it is to finalize all these characters, make sure you are still thinking about the progress sketches for all of these guys. I like the costume variation you are doing for the old wizard, that sort stuff is as important if not more than finished rendered stuff. Presentation is very important so make sure even progress sketches look nice and well thought out, try to make each costume variation more diverse (change up staff design, different sorts of themes, maybe one variation can be more armored, the other can have more runes and tattoos etc)

  2. Also for the character in the middle, maybe the cape should go over the leather shoulder armor