Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 3 - William

Not fully resolved yet. Just posting for feedback. Still trying to figure out how light works.

Developing based off of Wesley's suggestions. Did some thumbnails to think of the pose as well as trying to better understand anatomy. Ultimately I wanted him to be more of an hero alien type. My gut tells me the pose is still pretty stiff. I think I had DC comic superhero in my mind subconsciously, but whether or not it's not what I was aiming for I'm still not sure.


  1. It's an interesting design, but I say maybe fix his pose to be a bit stronger? Trying flipping the canvas to see if there's any need for any balance fixing and also, maybe have his right arm not so cut off like that silhouette-wise. What kind of character is he? If you have a story or an idea what his role is, maybe you can use his pose to help us (the viewer) know what kind of character he is (tell story with pose and gesture i guess).

  2. Great fix man! He definitely has more character of power. In order to maybe beef up his confidence (since he might be a hero character) maybe widen up his chest as you did in your initial thumb (and I'd also flex his right arm back in a bit more so our eye doesn't fly out of the space of the character).

    Cool signature btw haha