Friday, October 12, 2012

Week one assignments

Hey guys !

Sorry for the slight delay, here are the assignments for the first week.

  - After a fair amount of anatomy studies, draw from memory 5 skeletons of a posed figure and add muscles on top of the skeleton. Doing the muscles and skeleton in different colors would be helpful if you're getting confused! :] Again, keep in mind to keep things simple ! If you get to a part of the body that has too many different muscles overlapping, start using muscles groups. (general deltoid shape, general pectoral shape, and so on)

  - Draw a part of the body (preferably the head/skull, hand feet) in as many angles as possible on a laid out sheet. Doing this assignment in a traditional media is preferred (I'll notice your copy pasting ! :P ) .

If you guys have any questions about those assignments, please let me know !




Here's a link to the animal anatomy image library:

and here's to the blog with the human muscles:

Good luck and have fun!! :)

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  1. hey Daniel,

    Is there anyway you can post the names of the two anatomy artists that you mentioned in class?